How Obamacare Intends to Save the World

Last week, I made a couple trips to our local hospital to visit a couple of our members from First Presbyterian. Thankfully both are out now.
While, I was leaving the last time, I shared the elevator with a woman who appeared to be a doctor. As she entered the elevator her head was down and her pen was moving FAST. She was frantically trying to get some paperwork done. As she tripped out the elevator she still did not lift her head or slow her pen and stumbling around I realized she was travelling the same path out, though without looking, that I was.
By the time we arrived at our exit I was quite prepared to open the door for her, and noticing that she looked up, I quickly and compassionately made a joke about her paperwork. Smiling and responding to me she made it clear I was definitely correct about her ridiculous paperwork workload.
Now, some people believe this is a good thing. They think doctors need to be busy with paperwork. Paperwork is required by the government and politicians, they think, because politicians know (much better than doctors) what is best for patients.
Yet, today I read this article that the government now has over 70,000 computer codes doctors need to use to communicate sickness, injury, etc… to politicians, who need to be in charge of health care.
What does this accomplish?
1. Doctors spend more time with paperwork than with people.
2. More people die, because paperwork and not people are the priority
3. More people also die, because some are not seen at all due to longer waiting lists
4. Less people means a smaller carbon footprint
5. A smaller carbon footprint, in liberal thinking, means saving the planet
Of course this idea goes against what Scripture says:
Scripture says human life is sacred, because we are created in God’s image –

27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27 NKJ)

Because human life is sacred, God says it is to be protected –

5 “Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man. 6 “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.
(Genesis 9:5-6 NKJ)

Yet, not only protected but God calls us to be fruitful and multiply, He, God, is not worried about our so called “carbon footprint” –

28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28 NKJ)

7 And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it.” (Genesis 9:7 NKJ)

Now, these verses and their teaching, along with other verses like them, shaped the original philosophy and course of health care. It is no coincidence that the first hospitals were shaped by churches and many cures for diseases were found by Christian doctors and scientists, because they believed in the sanctity of human life and sought at all costs to heal and cure.

Yet, the philosophy has changed. We are dead set on pursuing death now and that is why Obamacare puts such an emphasis on abortion, euthanasia and death panels, and also piles of paperwork to keep doctors from patients and patients from doctors.

If I could draw a cartoon of a Mt. Ever-last of paperwork, with a poor desperate doctor trying to climb it, grabbing some pieces of paper blowing it the wind, stuffing them in his or her teeth while hanging on to the mountain and trying to get over it to get to suffering patients, it may be a bit of an exaggeration. Yet, remembering the doctor I saw just last week, it would not be a great exaggeration.

Lord, save us from Obamacare and the obstacles it puts between doctors and patients.

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