From God to Global Warming: The Decline and Fall of American Religion / Ideology …

In the early 1990s, I found myself at the end of a long table being grilled for my license as a minister with the “Christian Church Disciples of Christ” denomination.  I was at the end of table, and both male and female pastors lined both sides of it, about 20 people total.  One man sitting right beside me was leading the grilling.

“What is God?” He asked –

I answered, “God is a Spirit, Infinite, Eternal, Unchangeable, in His being: Wisdom, Power, Holiness, Justice, Goodness and Truth.”  Answering that way,  I felt for the shortest time, glad, I had memorized the Westminster Shorter Catechism, I am still glad about it!  Yet …

“No, no, no,” – the old liberal pastor cried, – “I’m not asking that, I’m asking you if God is a Man or a Woman?”

Well, after many such questions, I did not get my license with the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, nor did I ever, because by the end of the year I did not want it.  In a similar meeting when I was not being grilled, I learned of a sort of worship service held in a Disciples of Christ Seminary where all the men were required to confess to all the women that they had raped and abused them.  Similarly, all the women confessed to all the men, their guilt for allowing this rape and abuse.  Finally, the service ended with a ceremony which symbolizing God the Father leaving His throne and giving it to the Queen of Heaven.  At the time, I did not fully understand these things.

I believe in the same God President George Washington did.  If you ever have the chance read the small book “The Bulletproof George Washington” by David Barton.  It speaks about Washington as a young man, as a young and distinguished soldier, about his mother’s prayers for his safety in battle and about how these prayers were dramatically answered by a Sovereign Heavenly God Who controls all things.  A God Who rules from Heaven and Who has also given us divine Law(s) to live by (see Exodus 20:1-20 & Deuteronomy 5:1-22).

Such a God controls weather, He controls the climate, consider:

  • He judges the world with a flood, raising and lowering water levels as easily as we might fill and empty a bath tub – Genesis 6:5 – 7:24
  • God controls the seasons and climate, according to His promises, not letting them get to worldwide deadly extremes again – Genesis 8:21-22; Genesis 9:9-17
  • He brings hail and fire upon Egypt as one of the plagues brought upon that nation for enslaving His people Israel – Exodus 9:23-29
  • He threatens drought as one punishment for disobedience to His Laws – Leviticus 26:14-15 – Leviticus 26:19-20; Deuteronomy 28:24
  • He promises rain as a reward for obedience to His commands – Deuteronomy 11:13-15
  • He brings large hail upon the Amorites as He is fighting for Israel in battle – Joshua 10:11
  • Similarly, He produces loud thunder to confuse the Philistines – 1 Samuel 7:10
  • God brings loud thunder in direct / immediate answer to Samuel’s prayer to make a point to the people about their sinful foolishness in desiring a king, when they already had God as king – 1 Samuel 12:16-18
  • King Solomon acknowledges God’s control over weather in his prayer while dedicating the Temple – 1 Kings 8:35-36
  • God withholds rain because of sin – 1 Kings 17:1-7
  • God ends the same drought in answer to Elijah’s prayer – 1 Kings 18:41-45
  • God controls and withholds rain when His people are far from Him in their hearts – Amos 4:6-10
  • God uses a storm as part of how He brings Jonah back to doing His will – Jonah 1:4; Jonah 1:10-15
  • God provides for all, raining on the just and unjust – Matthew 5:45
  • Christ commands the winds and waves – Mark 4:39-41
  • God again will bring hail as punishment – Revelation 16:21

Later, I would learn at Reformed Theological Seminary, about the ideas that would challenge the Bible’s viewpoint about a moral, Law giving God, Who would control even the weather!

In a Contemporary Theology class I chose to write a paper on Rosemary Ruether’s book “Sexism and God-talk (Paper Sexism and God-talk).”  In her book Ms. Ruether presents her own viewpoint under traditional / Biblical headings, yet while doing so, she totally distorts the Biblical meaning.  So, according to Ruether, Scripture is “codified collective human experience.”  “Human”  according to her because she would not count “Divine Inspiration” in anyway “supernatural.”  Revelation was when a group was powerful enough to push it’s Scripture on society – her book I am sure she would consider Scripture, Al Gore’s books and movies, and movies like AVATAR, these are SCRIPTURE to those who believe Mother Earth is a goddess and God in Heaven, the Law-Giver, evil!  Truth, according to Ruether – “whatever promotes (according to radical feminist thinking) the full humanity of women” …

About God she says – “We speak of the root human image of the divine as the primal matrix, the great womb within which all things, gods and humans, sky and earth, human and nonhuman beings, are generated. Here the divine is not abstracted into some other world beyond this earth but is the encompassing source of new life that surrounds the present world and assures its continuance. This is the ancient myth of the world egg out of which all things arise.”

He is not, according to Ruether above us, ruling us, in Heaven — this she says is a product of distorted “male” thinking, a method for controlling, subduing, raping and abusing women!

See, even if a man has never literally raped or abused a woman, if he believes Paul’s writing in Ephesians 5:22-32 he is the same as a rapist!  In her book, “To Change the World” Ruether said, “Christology has been the doctrine that has been most used against women.”  Jesus according to Ruether was falsely made “Divine” “transcendent” by the church — Jesus was really a humble feminist, a mere human being.

Certain teachings of Jesus are taken totally out of context, teachings about servant-hood and humility, are placed against the concept of Jesus being LORD, even to the point where Ruether and her companions claim He was LORD of nothing and in fact LORDSHIP itself is the great SIN!

We are wrong as human beings to use worms as bait, to farm in rows, to build houses (other than perhaps grass huts) sky-scrapers and even sidewalks, we are wrong to dominate the world by having many babies, and doing such things constitutes a kind of raping and abusing of the earth.  Abortion means fewer rapists and abusers.  Here is the truth about ” man-made global warming” and “climate change” it is not science but religion, ideology.

What she (and they) hate most is what is written in Genesis 1:26-28 –

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:26-28 NKJ)

These verses, according to the radical eco-feminists are not only a source for Christianity but also the inspiration for capitalism, for these radicals Christianity and capitalism are the same thing.

According to Ruether:
A. Man is not made in God’s image more than animals
B. Man is not to have dominion over animals, or anything –

She says, “An ecological feminist theology of nature must rethink the whole Western theological tradition of the hierarchical chain of being and command.”

About sin she says, “Feminism represents a fundamental shift in the valuation of good and evil.”

The domination mentioned in Genesis 1:26 & 28 is sin! Law, like the 10 Commandments are sin, rules, wives submitting to husbands, etc… what we call law, she calls sin!  All rule, authority, law, government — one person being OVER another (with the exception of impersonal socialist feminist state government) is sin!  Moving one worm from its habitat, in order to make room for human beings, is SIN!

This is why aborting a human baby is okay, ripping, dismembering, etc…

While, saying a man “throws like a girl” is horrible, news-worthy sin!

Some people are so controlled by this ideology it does not matter to them that the world has not really warmed in the last 18 years, global warming / climate change is always a threat because every sidewalk built is a form of rape and abuse.

One woman is hit by a football player, that is bad.  Yet, why is it so much worse according to our news media than babies being ripped from wombs daily by the thousands and worldwide by the hundreds of thousands?  Because it fits an agenda!  Muscular dominate football players are bad, even if they don’t hit their wives.  The very fact that they are bigger and stronger and that a woman may be physically weaker is a sin!

I do not believe it –

God created men and women different for a purpose –

The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam;
not made of his head to rule over him,
nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him,
but out of his side to be equal to him,
under his arm to be protected,
and near his heart to be beloved.
Matthew Henry
Commentary on Genesis 2:21-25

When I was in grade school, long, long ago.  I remember having one teacher who taught us that the reason people were starving in India was because they worshiped cows.  I do not remember all the details of what he said but it was roughly the same kind of religion which is now promoted as “climate science.”  It is a religion which divorces us from Biblical morality and reduces us to old fashion nature worship.  It is a religion that leads to poverty and death  –  Proverbs 14:12.

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