The Holy Spirit will teach you!

John 14:26 certainly had a special meaning for the apostles.  God’s Spirit gave them flawless memories about the things of Jesus Christ!  God’s Spirit enabled them to write the perfect words of Scripture. We do not have the same ministry today; God has completed the Scripture.  Today, God allows us to feel the weakness of […]

What the right political leader in office can do for the church

This morning my Bible reading included Ezra chapter 6. As I have read through the Bible, through the years, each time I read passages again, they can hit me with more potent meaning. Ezra 6 speaks about a search King Darius made for documents because certain trouble makers were questioning whether the Jewish people really […]

Noah’s Ark (It’s Size) etc…

It was not as big as the Titanic and yet it did not sink.  It carried Noah, his family, and enough land animals to repopulate the earth.  It carried them over and through the waters of God’s judgment. The Bible tells people will willfully forget the flood and because of that will not be ready […]

Grabbed by the Gospel – Romans 1:1-17

When I named this Sunday’s Sermon “Grabbed by the Gospel” I had a picture in my mind of an eagle, diving, grabbing and lifting up, a mouse. The mouse may have been heading for cheese, for his mouse hole, for his little lady mouse. But wherever he may have been going, there, he was going […]

Morning Devotional, plus comments …

Oh how TRUE Spurgeon’s point in his second paragraph is today!  People ride their lusts today as if they were champions riding stallions.  This is why his first point is relevant as well.  If lusts rule in our minds and hearts as individuals, we will elect leaders, applaud celebrities and choose heroes who do the […]