Grabbed by the Gospel – Romans 1:1-17

When I named this Sunday’s Sermon “Grabbed by the Gospel” I had a picture in my mind of an eagle, diving, grabbing and lifting up, a mouse. The mouse may have been heading for cheese, for his mouse hole, for his little lady mouse. But wherever he may have been going, there, he was going […]

Morning Devotional, plus comments …

Oh how TRUE Spurgeon’s point in his second paragraph is today!  People ride their lusts today as if they were champions riding stallions.  This is why his first point is relevant as well.  If lusts rule in our minds and hearts as individuals, we will elect leaders, applaud celebrities and choose heroes who do the […]

The Conversation of the Proverbs 31 Woman –

I love this little picture of the Proverbs 31 woman.  She could be in a Bible Study, on the phone, or Facebook, having coffee with friends, but wherever she is she speaks with grace and understanding.  Others look to her and are blessed!