A real screed against the homosexual agenda …

As I have followed the campaign of Republican Senator Ted Cruz for President; I noticed an article yesterday titled “Ted Cruz’ Anti-Gay Screed.” I thought; what a nasty use of language? A screed is a tediously long speech and of course if you are not for the entire Gay Agenda, you are anti-gay. I doubt […]

Why was the sabbath day changed from the seventh day to the first?

Actually the command has changed a few times. If you look at the command as it was given originally in Exodus 20:8-11, the reason God gave for resting on this day was because of CREATION, God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. When God gives this command again in the […]

Wednesday night, prayer meeting, Bible study … “God’s Favor or Fire” Genesis 18

I put together notes for tonight’s Bible study on Genesis 18, and they almost look like a sermon outline, tempted to preach it … “God’s Favor or Fire” Genesis 18 In Genesis 18, God presents us with a stark contrast. First, we see Abraham, preferred and loved by God. In sharp contrast, we see the […]